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What to Do When Your iPhone or iPad won’t Turn On

We can’t get a perfect thing forever. IPhones supposed to just work but no technology is perfect. Most of the time it happens when you pressed the power button but nothing happens from the other side. Don’t worry if you are also stuck with such type of Problem read on to get the solution to your problem.

Plug it In, Let it Charge – And wait; whenever your iPhone fails to turn on you should connect it to a wall charger and let it charge for a little while. Wait for at least fifteen minutes and don’t expect it to respond immediately. After a few minutes, it should turn itself on. This will fix your problem if its battery was just completely drained.

Perform a Hard reset – If your iPhone is completely frozen and didn’t working you need to iPhone Repair perform a hard reset by the press and release the volume button and then press and hold the release button. You have to hold your side button until your iPhone reboots. After completing an apple logo will appear on your screen now you can release the button. The whole process will take about ten seconds. If nothing happened, try again.

Hold the Power and Home button simultaneously to perform a hard reset. iPhone can freeze quickly if they do, a hard reset can fix it. Most of people to fix it by removing batteries and reinserting it but the latest version doesn’t have removable batteries. you have to do this by pressing the Power and Home button simultaneously. Keep holding until an Apple logo appears on the screen. if this process didn’t work you need to consult with an iPhone repair technician by visiting iPhone Repair to get Quality of services.

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