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How to Fix Common iPhone 5 Problems

Every iPhone user is having a different type that he wants to sort out quickly without hiring an iPhone repair technician. These issues are more or quite common with the device and you can resolve these issues with a few troubleshooting tips.

Every iPhone issue has its own set of troubleshooting tips but you can fix several problems by performing a Quick IPhone restart, and by updating your iPhone's software. If you are not using the current IOS in your system you might be suffering from different problems. So it is very important to update your IOS to get rid of every minor issue. Resetting your iPhone settings should be your last resorting which you can reset your iPhone basic settings and or iPhone factory resetting if all else fails.

If your iPhone 7 getting hot you have to remove your iPhone case for a few days to see if this resolves your overheating problem. Check to make sure your iPhone's apps are not crashing by going to setting > Privacy > Analytical data to see which app crash more often. Check for apps that drain your iPhone 7 battery by clicking on your settings under the battery. If there is an app found that is draining your remove it immediately. Check your internet connection and turned off the background app refresh.

If you are having a problem with your iPhone camera that is not working properly remove your case and any attachments. Cleans your camera lens and check the flesh by a lightning bolt and make sure your flash is set to on. iPhone 7 microphone not working – clear your microphone and remove any cease and attachment. Disconnect the Bluetooth devices and update the app you are using to fix any software glitches.

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